ETHERNET / USB Controller
Remote Access to RS232
Remote Access to Digital I/O

Imagen Controlador Ethernet/USB: RS232 16xEntradas digitales 8xSalidas Rele

Ethernet / USB communications with CFL-3816

MAPS CFL3816 is a device that allows to connect:

  • 3x RS232 serial channels
  • 16x Digial inputs with free potenctial
  • 8x Relay Digital Output

Communication with the device allows to send and receive data from 3 serial channels, to monitorize the state of 16 digital input and 8 digital output and to modify the state of the digital outputs.

Communications with HOST:

  • Local Control: USB (virtual comm port).
  • Remote Control: Ethernet, TCP protocol.

MAPS CFL-3816 Remote Peripheral Controller

Imagen Controlador Ethernet USB 16xEntradas digitales 8xSalidas Rele

MAPS CFL3816 ethernet controller allows to control and monitorize field electronic equipment from the office, or from any smartphone, the only requirement is an ethernet facility.

Maps CFL3816 device is easily installed, it only requires a power source and an ethernet connexion.
  • Allows to start up / monitorize / control remote devices with digital I/O and RS232 serial channels.
  • Allows communication between RS232 equipment and other devices that have only ethernet connectivity.
  • Allows to control and monitorize digital input / output, totally isolated.

It is ideal for monitoring remote field devices in industrial applications:

  • Connectivity to devices with RS232 (x3) serial connexions.
  • Events logging / monitorization with the x16 optoisolated digital inputs.
  • Remote equipment control / monitorization by the x8 relay digital outputs.

And easy to use at home automation applications:

  • To turn ON /OFF heating / cooling from the smartphone.
  • Open / close electric blinds in remote homes.
  • Connection of any device such as lights, awnings, pet feeders, etc.

Power9VCC .. 30VCC / 8W
InstallationRail DIN
RS232 isolation3000V
Digital input isolation3000V
RS232 Serial channels3 (setting from 9600bps to 115200bps)
Digital Input16 (free potential)
Digital Output (relay)8 (max. 240VCA 1A)
External ConnexionsDetachable Terminals
Led status indicatorsI/O & RS232
Ethernet communications10/100Mbps
Number of server sockets2 (wep & settings)
Number of client sockets5 (generic, I/O, serial 1, serial 2 & serial 3)
USB ComunicationsVirtual comm port setting from 9600bps to 115200bps (Plug & Play)
Working Temperature-20ºC .. 75ºC
SettingsWeb page and desktop application (Windows XP/Vista/7)

Information and software download for the equipment.