Maps Informàtica Industrial

MAPS Informàtica Industrial specializes in the design and manufacture of electronic equipment for industrial environment. Our human team is able to find innovative, simple and robust solutions to the current industry challenges in the areas of traffic, control, automation, communications, etc.

In our facilities in Barcelona different functions can be coordinated:

  • Product design
  • Software and Hardware Departments
  • Manufacturing process

MAPS technical team has extensive experience and provides the necessary advice to clients in order to design succesfull products or to develop the proposed projects:

  • Traffic Sensors
  • Optoelectronics
  • Computer Vision
  • Digital Communications
  • Distributed control and Remote control of systems and equipment

MAPS offers engineering services in the field of Computer and industrial automation since 1969. The solutions to the challenges raised by our customers allows us to accumulate a wealth of experience in the world of automation. MAPS has developed and implemented numerous projects, among which we could highlight:

  • Electronic automatic control systems:
    • Plastic injection machines
    • Production Control
    • Tunnels washers
  • Parlament Voting Systems:
    • Senate Chamber
    • Madrid Parlament
    • Andalusian Parlament
  • Sensor design and manufacturing:
    • Monitoring 3D Movement
    • Detection of flammable gases
    • Metal Detection, etc
  • Geotechnical monitoring system for large structures, for hydraulic dams
  • Electronic Display Systems with different technologies: Ferromagnetic Displays, LED, LCD, aimed at:
    • Traffic
    • Tolls
    • Citizen information


Function Model Specifications
Hub / Converter
RS232C / Ethernet
Digital I/O / Ethernet
CFL3816 Ethernet / USB Controller: MAPS CFL3816 ethernet controller allows to control and monitorize field electronic equipment remotely via Ethernet or USB. Remote devices can be connected to the hub CFL3816 throught Digital I/O or its RS232Cx3 serial channels. Thus field devices, regardless of their interface, can be controlled or monitorized remotely from the office or from other computers / smartphones that have Ethernet / USB communication facilities.

 Data Loggers

Function Model Specifications
Temperatura logger
Ethernet connection
mPAD-2 MULTIPORT mPAD-2: Thermostat Data logger, ethernet controlled:
  • Thermostat with 2 output relays, to control remote devices (heating systems, cooling, lighting).
  • It stores up to 4000 registers (date, time, internal, external temperatures and analog input 0..10V).
  • All functions accesible from ethernet
People Counter CPC2R15 The optoelectronic module MAPS CPC2R15 is useful to easily obtain a registration of the number of people entering and / or leaving a building or a restricted area. Thanks to low power consumption it can also be used on rural roads with the aid of batteries.