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Traffic Sensors

Imagen Cortinas Fotoeléctricas para detección de vehículos

Optical Barriers vehicle detector, ideal for counting and separating vehicles in tolls and vehicle access.

  • Vehicle detection
  • Separation between vehicles
  • Height on the first axis (depending on model)
  • Detection of vehicles with trailer

Optical Barriers for vehicle detection and classification, which can detect the moving direction. High performance in a single instrument for tolls and vehicle access

  • Vehicle detection
  • Vehicle classification
  • Separation between vehicles
  • Height on the first axis
  • Detection of vehicles with trailer
  • Number of axles
  • Moving direction of the vehicle

Peripheral Concentrator
, Net Remote Controlled . Remote control over ethernet of peripherals with serial communications, and digital I/O

Thermostat Remote Temperature Logger

People counter. People capacity meter in enclosures, buildings, shopping centers, rural roads, etc

Automatic Control Systems

  • Controllers for plastic injection machines, washing tunnels, vending machines, etc

Voting Systems in Parlaments

  • Spanish Senate Chamber, Madrid Parlament, Andalusian Parlament

Sensor Design and Manufacturing:

  • Transmitter / Detector for flammable gases
  • Sensors for 3D Motion detection

Geotechnical monitoring system for large structures

Controlador Ethernet/USB

ANPR - Automatic Number Plate Reader for vehicle identification in tolls and vehicle access

Inductive Vehicle Detector

Barrier Photocells:Simple IR beam , or doble IR beam (flow direction) , for distances up to 15m, inmunity to sunlight

Hublot for tunnels , balization light using LEDs of different colors

Fee Electronic Panel , for tolls and access control

Variable Information Panels . Various technologies (Led, LCD, magnetic), highly visible, targeted to traffic

Vehicle Control Access


Mechanical Barriers for vehicle access: Manual Barriers and/or Automatic Barriers.

Speed Information Control System for High Speed Track IDIADA) by Inductive loop detectors Variable information panels.

Monitoring and evaluation of traffic parameters by computer vision

Queue Length estimation system by computer vision, for toll applications

Computer Vision

  • External appearance control (painting)
  • On Line Production Classification
  • Meassurements
  • Logo Inspection
  • Inspection of encapsulated product (food, medicine blisters)

Finished product check

Electrical and mechanical parameters (production line or manually)

Audio Monitoring System