Vehicle Detector
by Indusctive Loop

Imagen Controlador Lazo Inductivo

This device can detect vehicle presence by inductive loops buried in the pavement. There are many applications where it is necessary to know the presence of vehicles, either as control sensor or as a security measure.

The loop controller CB1PR is particularly suitable for applications:

  • Traffic Control
  • Tolls
  • Vehicle counting
  • Barriers and automatic gates
  • Car Parks

The CB1PR02 vehicles detector is reliable, robust, economical and simple to install. Maps Informàtica Industrial adds a new product to our portfolio for control and industrial automation and traffic management.


This device has been designed by our R&D department, leveraging our long experience (since 1970) in the industrial automation sector, and is prepared to work 24 hours/day, 365 days/year under the toughest and adverse working conditions. The 4 Basic design criteria are: Reliability, robustness, low cost, installation and maintenance simplicity.

There are two available models:

  • CB1PR02-XF: Highly robust and sensitivity, multi-frequency, 2 relay output.
  • CB1PR: Low cost, single frequency, 1 relay output.


Leds for diagnostics and status indication, and two groups of microswitches (SW1, SW2) for configuring the various modes of operation of the equipment.

Technical Specifications Loop Controller CB1PR02-XF CB1PR
GeneralMultifrequenz, 2 relaysLow Cost
Control Channels1
Working temperature range[-20ºC .. +70ªC]
Sensibility Levels:x4
Working frequenciesx8 [30KHz .. 200KHz]Fixed
Self TunningAutomatic
Presence signalx1 Free potential relay output
Presence (pulse)x1 Free potential relay output-
Pulse activationPresence Start or Presence End-
Presence time configurationPermanent, 5, 15 or 30 minutes-
Conectivity11 terminals for a DIN RAIL base
Loop InputGalvanic Isolation
Tropicalized ElectronicsTo withstand environments with high humidity and dustNo
IndicatorsState and diagnostic LedsState Leds
Configurationby MicroswitchsSettingSwitch
Power220VAC or 24VDC / 2W(according to reference)

Main Customers

  • IDIADA (High Speed test track)
  • ABERTIS Autopistas
  • Seaports
  • Airports
  • Toll Access
  • Car parks

Function Model Specifications
PHOTOCELL (IP54) M138x Throughbeam Photocell: Photocell MAPS-138x consists of two modules, one transmitter and one receiver which operate using a modulated beam of infrared light pulse, it works from 1m to 15m, in any ambient lighting, even sunlight, without any previous setting.
PHOTOCELL FOR MOVING DIRECTION (IP54) FTC2R Double Throughbeam photocell: Photocell MAPS FTC2R has two infrared beams to detect objects and direction of movement. High speed (Tr = 8ms). Consists of an infrared transmitter module and a receiver. The receiver module incorporates a microprocessor to discriminate the direction of the object when it crosses the IR beam.
Hub / Converter
RS232C / Ethernet
Digital I/O / Ethernet
CFL3816 Ethernet / USB Controller: MAPS CFL3816 ethernet controller allows to control and monitorize field electronic equipment remotely via Ethernet or USB. Remote devices can be connected to the hub CFL3816 throught Digital I/O or its RS232Cx3 serial channels. Thus field devices, regardless of their interface, can be controlled or monitorized remotely from the office or from other computers / smartphones that have Ethernet / USB communication facilities.
MANUAL BARRIER for VEHICLE ACCESS BM-80 Manual barrier, for vehicle access: Low cost barrier is designed to work outdoors in the harshest and adverse working conditions. Manual operation without electricity.
AUTOMATIC BARRIER for VEHICLE ACCESS CT70-850 Automatic barrier, for vwehicle access: The barrier is designed to work 24 hours/day and 365 days/year, under harsh working conditions. Their construction characteristics make it ideal for work either outdoors or indoors.