Rates Display

Imagen Panel

electronic display system for variable rates

The electronic display peripherals connected as any computer system can display prices to be viasualized over long distances. It is a Modular system based on high brightness LED technology with significant advantages over other systems:

  • High visibility with great solar lighting or night light.
  • Modular format.
  • No Maintenance.


  • Highway tolls.
  • Charging in parking lots, halls, restaurants, etc..

Main Customers

  • ABERTIS (highways)
  • TECSIDEL engineering (Portugal highways)

Technical Specifications MAPS IT-xx

  • LEDS Displays.
  • Diferent resolutions: 64x16, 32x32, 32x16, etc.
  • Serial Communications RS-232C / RS-422.
  • waterproof outdoor cabinet.
  • Working Temperature: industrial range [-25ºC , 85ºC].