Imagen Panel

Big Electronic displays

Electronic panels designed and manufactured by MAPS use various technologies (ferromagnetic, LEDs, LCDs, etc.). Modular design so that it can be adapted to the needs of our customers. They can achieve great dimensions as are required in applications for traffic or public information. In general we can distinguish:

  • Text Displays: Traffic, parking, panel rates, etc.
  • Graphic Displays: public information panels, Banks, cinemas, department stores, etc.
Both types of display panels allow animations, which increases the performance of the information displayed.

Panels are manufactured and designed with three types of technologies:

  • LED Displays. Light emitting.
  • Ferromagnetic Displays. High visibility under high sunlight. Static message without additional energy expenditure.
  • Ferromagnetic + LED Displays. Highly versatile, combining the advantages of both technologies.
  • LCD Displays, ideal for its high resolution and excellent external appearance

Main Customers:

  • ABERTIS (highways).
  • IDIADA (High Speed Test Track)
  • Planigrama - JC Decaux (public information)
  • Tecsidel engineering