Temperature Logger
Ethernet Connectivity

Ethernet Thermostat Data Logger

The maps MULTIPORT mPAD-2 module performs the following functions:

  • Thermostat: Two relay outputs can control remote devices (heating, cooling , lighting, etc).
  • Data Logger: 4000 data records, with time, internal & external temperatures, analog input 0..10V.
  • Multiport Connectivity: Ethernet, USB, RS-485

Settings and control of the equipment can be performed remotely, from any browser.

Control applications can be implemented thanks to its possible connections (Ethernet, USB, RS485).

The Multiport mPAD-2 module has been designed by the MAPS R&D department, taking advantage of the long experience (since 1970) in industrial automation. The device is prepared to work 24 hours/day, 365 days/year, under the most demanding working conditions. The 4 basic design criteria are: reliability, robustness, low cost and ease of installation.

Settings can be changed remotely from any browser, or in situ, with the desktop application either by Ethernet or USB.

The main functions performed by the equipment are:

  • Temperature control (thermostat), internal or external probe (optional) and two relays activated by exceedings alarms.
  • Control through the analog input [0..10VDC].
  • Recorder (data logger) up to 4000 data records.
  • Communications Bridge functions between USB, RS485 and TCP/IP to communicate equipment using such communication buses.

mPAD-2 has two LEDs for diagnostic and status indication.

Technical specifications mPAD-2 Thermostat
Power12VCC .. 30VCC / 6W
InstallationDIN rail
Settings & Data Download
  • Web page
  • Desktop app (Windows XP/Vista/W7)
Multiport ConnectivityTCP/IP, USB, RS-485
Connexion bridgesTCTP/IP to RS-485, USB to RS485 or TCP/IP to USB
ClockInternal, in real time
Temperature probesInternal and External [-50..65]ºC
Analog Input[0..10]V
Relays NO / NCx2, 2A @ 250VAC, 100.000ops, 6ms
Data recordsx4000, date, internal and external temperature, voltage
Pantalla de Configuración desde Internet

Setting Interface and Control of mPAD-2 Thermostat, from any browser (TCP/IP).

Pantalla Principal Aplicación para PC Pantalla Aplicación para PC, configuración

Pantalla Aplicación para PC, Datos Registrados Pantalla Aplicación para PC, Gráfica datos registrados

Desktop Interface app

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