CT70-850 / RF50-1000

Automatic barrier
to access vehicles

Imagen barrera automatica acceso vehiculos

Automatic Barrier for Vehicle's Access

Designed and manufactured by MAPS, the automatic barriers are used in all kind of applications where it is required to control the heavy traffic of vehicles:

  • Business security
  • Public and private parking facilities
  • Gas stations
  • Construction, Public works, etc.
  • Supermarkets, shopping malls, etc.
  • Campsites
  • Sea ports

The automatic barrier CT70-850 is robust and easy to install. Maps Industrial Informàticca adds a new product to its line of of traffic's control and management equipment.

Automatic barriers for vehicles access


This barrier has been designed by our Department of R&D, taking advantage of our long experience, as a company established in 1970, in the industrial automation field. It's capable of working 24 hours/day and 365 days a year, under the hardest and adverse work conditions. Their construction features make it ideal for either indoor and outdoor work.

At the technological forefront

The use of low maintenance materials and a simple but effective mechanical design, provide unique benefits in terms of opening speed, maintenance and life expectance of our barriers.


The automatic barrier admits masts of any length, up to 5.7 meters. The microprocessor controlled RF50 model supports different speed configurations for both opening and closing. The diferent accessories, produced by MAPS, permit to control the access of vehicles in the safest and most ergonomic way for both the user and the owner of the installation. Accessories:

  • Vehicle detectors (inductive, magnetic, ultrasound, photocells, etc).
  • Photoelectric curtain to separate vehicles (counting, classification, direction, number of axles, height, etc).
  • Centralized control (flow calculation, state monitoring, databases, etc).
  • Plate recognition: organized by date and time.

Mast length

Two different versions differing in control aspects, admitting masts of a length up to 5.7 meters.


The CT70-850 model makes the complet movement in 1.5 seconds and the RF50-1000 model makes it in only 0.6 seconds (when equipped with masts of 3 meters).

Price / Quality

Factors such as a simple but robust mechanism, the use of standard materials, and a high satisfaction index from our clients, allows us to offer our manual barriers with full guarantee. Maps offers an economic solution, specially when compared with similar devices available in the market. The use of anti-corrosive materials and treatments, and the use of standard high quality components, guarantees of long life of the equipment.


All automatic barriers produced by MAPS are equiped with a photoelectric cell, that ensures a non-contact reversion of the movement of the mast when a vehicle or person is in its path.

Surface treatment

The anti-corrosion treatment of the equipment has been designed to withstand the most adverse weather conditions.

Mechanical Parts:

  • Treated with a yellow bichromated zinc plating of 10um.


  • Zinc phosphating of 5 microns.
  • Electrocoating treatment, cathodic procedure, thickness 20um.
  • Polyester coating, thickness 40um.
  • Color Standard: RAL 1021 (yellow).


  • Lever for manual operation in case of power failure.
  • Electronic device for operating the barrier in case of power failure.
  • Mast fixed with nylon screws to prevent damages in cases of impact.
  • Custom color (RAL).

Technical SpecificationsCT70-850RF50-1000
Supply VoltageThree-phase 380VAC/220VAC, 50-60 HzSingle-phase 220VAC, 50-60 Hz
Electric MotorSynchronous three-phase
Motor Power0,25hp
Motor rotation speed850 rpm1000 rpm
Available torque--
Internal ControlRelaysMicroprocessor
Acceleration/DecelerationCams controlAdjustable time interval
Magnetotermic protectionYes, adjustable
Temperature range[-20ºC, 75ºC][-20ºC, 70ºC]
Opening/closing speed1,5s0,6s
Mast lengthUp to 5,7m
Frame anti-corrosion treatmentCataphoresis
Mechanism anti-corrosion treatmentElectrolytic bath (zinc-plated)
PaintPolyester RAL 1021
Protection degreeIP-44
VentilationGrid (convection)
MaintenanceVery low
Emergency stopPhotocell
Opening/closing controlPotential free contact
Mechanical endurance (MCBF) (with maintenance)5,000,000 cycles

Commercial termsCT70-850RF50-1000
Minimum quantity2 units2 units
Average delivery time4 weeks4 weeks
Exworks price(VAT not incl.)AskAsk

Main customers

  • TECSIDEL (Brazil highways)
  • TECSIDEL (Tunel Envalira, Andorra)
  • IDIADA (Car test facility for car manufacturers)
  • Small facilities (Hotels, Gas stations, Supermarkets, Car parks, etc)

Function Model Specifications
MANUAL BARRIER for VEHICLE ACCESS BM-80 Manual barrier, for vehicle access: Low cost barrier is designed to work outdoors in the harshest and adverse working conditions. Manual operation without electricity.

Inductive loop Controller
CB1PR Inductive Loop Controller, for vehicle detection: CB1PR vehicles detector is reliable, robust, economical and easy to install. Detects the presence or transit of vehicles passing over inductive loops buried in the pavement.
PHOTOCELL (IP54) M138x Throughbeam Photocell: Photocell MAPS-138x consists of two modules, one transmitter and one receiver which operate using a modulated beam of infrared light pulse, it works from 1m to 15m, in any ambient lighting, even sunlight, without any previous setting.
Hub / Converter
RS232C / Ethernet
Digital I/O / Ethernet
CFL3816 Ethernet / USB Controller: MAPS CFL3816 ethernet controller allows to control and monitorize field electronic equipment remotely via Ethernet or USB. Remote devices can be connected to the hub CFL3816 throught Digital I/O or its RS232Cx3 serial channels. Thus field devices, regardless of their interface, can be controlled or monitorized remotely from the office or from other computers / smartphones that have Ethernet / USB communication facilities.

CFxx Optical Barrier (photoelectric curtain): The family of photoelectric curtains MAPS CFxx detects and classifies vehicles in tolls and access to facilities. By a double infrared beam can separate vehicles at both high speed and caravan with an error rate of 1/10000. The technology used can also get the number of vehicle axles, the height profile, distinguish vehicles with trailers, motorcycles, etc.